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K9W Dog Training

At K9W dog training, we specialize in training your dog to be your well-behaved best friend and companion. We have more than 20 years experience working with dogs, with a deep love for dogs all throughout our lives.

Whether it’s our drive to deliver professional training services, or our deep-seated love for all pets, the end result is better-behaved pets, a more peaceful home, and years of satisfied clients. That’s the K9W Dog Training difference.

Training is our purpose. Our passion, and our joy. It comes easy and there is nothing we’d rather do every day than help you and your pets. Our unique skill sets enables us to deal with any of a wide variety of issues you may have with your pet, and we are here to support you with your pet challenges.

Training Your Pet

Your pet is special to you. They’re a member of the family. But they’re also an animal and they need training to help them know how to behave. At K9W Dog Training, we help to bridge the gap, with training including:
Private Lessons: Custom 1-on-1 Training
Miniature Program: The Principles of Positive Leadership
Basic Program / Good Dog: Learn and master basic obedience commands.
Premium Program / Behave Well: A pet that behaves perfectly around the house.
4 Weeks Puppy Boarding Training: Train your puppy from day one for best results.

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