Premium Program

Premium Program / Behave Well

Are you a bit frustrated and overwhelmed? Wish your dog won’t drag you down the street? Has your sandwich magically disappeared from the counter? Lots of accidents in the house,  need to buy more carpets?  UPS can’t come to the door because worry about your dog bolting out the door and run away?   Nobody said owning a dog had to be this hard! Well, …it doesn’t have to be.  After completing this program, relax knowing that you’ll have confidence in your well behaved dog.
Program Includes 8 private sessions
Walking on loose leash
Strong call back around high distraction on leash
Waiting at the doors
No more barking or Anxious stress whining
Staying in pace till released
No more exciting jumping
House manners
Crate training
Behavioral Issues / Problem solving

This program also includes Unlimited Phone, Text and Email support & Training videos Up to 3 dogs

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